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Turkey Land of Adventure

Turkey is only a few hours by plane from London or New York, but in those few hours one is transported into another world Orient.

It is an often primitive world, with dripping taps, cupboard doors that jam and harsh penalties for wrong-doers. But Turkey is nonetheless a marvellous country for visitors with individual tastes.

Istanbul, for example, is a city full of wonder and mystery, with its thousands of minarets, bazaars and palaces. The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, the Golden Horn and the Bosporus, are each worth a trip for their own sake alone. The coasts are often beautiful, bordering on at least four different seas. Picturesque little ports alternate with majestic cliffs and lovely sandy beaches. The mountainous interior of Anatolia is equally fascinating and is steeped in history. It is remarkable for its wide expanses of dry steppe, the old caravanserais, the ruins of the a~tc~ent Urartu and Hittite empires, the bizarre landscape of Göreme, and the strange limestone terraces of Pamukkale while the classical Greek and Roman sites of Ephesus, Miletus, Troy and Priene have an atmosphere all of their own.

Asia Minor might almost be called the cradle of human civilisation, ever since Noah’s Ark is supposed to have rested finally on Mount Ararat. It is the meeting point for the Christian and Moslem religions, and no other country is so rich in history. A melting pot icr countless warring races and cultures, it has formed the bridge between east and west since time immemorial.

The physical discomforts such as the strange diet and the extremes of climate and geography are amply compensated by the wonder and mystery of the Orient the bartering in the market place, the women in veils, the caravan processions, the nomads in tents, and especially the marvellous Turkish hospitality.No trouble is spared to make the visitor feel welcome,creating a sense of warmth that is rarely found elsewhere.Turkey is a land of adventure and discovery, though a visit requires a certain amount of courage and enterprise."Güle güle!" as the Turkks say.Bon vayage!



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